The Kids Holidays Online site is family run, more as a hobby than a business, inspired by a lack of information about family friendly accommodation available on the internet, in travel brochures and in general.

The best way to use this site is by selecting your preferred holiday destination and utilising the information provided by the site. Destination pages offer helpful advice and information on a number of popular destinations that we've visited. Some family resorts have been reviewed and this information may be very helpful in deciding which resort to choose. All reviews are completely independent of the resort (ie we pay our own way) and are aimed at providing first hand information that you won't get from a travel agent or the resort.

The popular experience page is a good place to find out what other families have experienced at a wide range of different resorts. You are likely to find at least one review of the more popular resorts and again, these comments are completely unbiased.

If you know where you want to go but don't know where to stay, the accommodation pages attempt to list every family friendly resort available at each destination with a list of the family facilities and a link to each resorts web page. It's an easy way to see what's available without the need to search through dozens of sites.

Other helpful pages include our tips page with some good ideas on family travel, what to take with you, including a check list of medical requirements, info on school holiday timetables, and some links to immigration, weather and customs sites.

Any correspondence can be mailed to Kids Holidays Online PO Box 180 St Clair NSW 2759.

Have a good holiday.

Stayz Bali