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Our low cost family friendly holiday packages include family accommodation, airfares, transfers and taxes for a family of four to some of the best family destinations available close to Australia including Fiji, Vanuatu and Hawaii as well as Bali and Thailand.

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The Kids Holidays Online site features family travel guides to plenty of family friendly locations with information to help you you select the best place to visit. Videos, maps, health tips, destination information, flight details, things to do and links to information sites.

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If you're staying in Cairns a day trip to Green Island is a perfect family outing. Green Island is a coral cay on the Great Barrier Reef located about 30km off the coast from Cairns. There are a couple of different day trips available with different departure times ...
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Looking for a resort in Bali that offers kids club facilities? Check our list of over 20 resorts in that have kids clubs and what they offer for your kids. Some are free and some not. There are also different ages but generally the 4-12 year age bracket is catered for.
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